This Man in My Life


This man right here! This man works so hard EVERY day! He gets up early, feeds his cattle, pets his dogs, kisses his wife goodbye and tells her to have a good day. He works all day as a diesel tech (one of the best I might add) and then comes home, pets his dogs, kisses his wife, asks her how her day was, goes out and feeds his cattle and jumps on a tractor and works in the fields until it’s too dark to see. I worry that he works too much but he LOVES this place more than anyone I know and has put more sweat and blood into the soil than I care to think about. I don’t deserve him but I am so thankful the Lord led me to him!

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Fall Calves Hiding in the Hay Field

imageThis year has been pretty good for us. I don’t want to use the word ‘blessed’ because that seems a little extreme. We’ve had a good crop of calves this year. 11 heifers that will be kept and bred. Have I mentioned before that I hate calving heifers. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for us. Our little piece of heaven on earth is growing a little bit each year.


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Key and Mail Organizer – My Saturday Project

015I thought I would try to be more creative in 2015 so I started small with this key and mail organizer. It drives me insane when the keys are laying all over the house and the mail isn’t sorted through as soon as it comes in. I bought all the pieces and parts and Hobby Lobby and assembled them all by myself. Continue reading

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What a Mixed Up Mess

Bred CowsI came home from work on New Year’s Eve day to get packed and ready to party like a rock star. I walked into the house and glanced out the dining room window and saw the marker bull in the lot with the heifers.  Continue reading

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Cattle Are Dogs and Horses Are Cats


David feeding his “dogs”

Not so long ago a rancher would saddle up his horse and ride out to either move cattle from one pasture to another or to bring them up to graze on winter wheat. Where I grew up, in northern South Dakota, they would ride out and bring the cattle up close to the barn for winter. Continue reading

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Using the Cow Dog As ‘Bait’ [PHOTOS]

I could swear this dog is giving me raspberries.

I could swear this dog is giving me raspberries.

The calves are curious at this age. When Rowdy comes out in the pasture with me they just have to get a closer look at him.

It was such a beautiful evening I decided to grab my camera when we went out to feed. While the Momma’s were busy eating it was the perfect time to use Rowdy as bait. Continue reading

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Spring Calving Is My Favorite Season


There are two calving seasons in this part of the country. Fall calving, which begins around September, and spring calving which begins around February. Continue reading

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Getting Kicked in the Head

2013-12-03 17.35.35What is with this dog? I realize that heelers are bred to do just that, heel cattle…chase them up the alley and into the tub but how many times does this dog have to get kicked in the head before he figures out it really isn’t that much fun to nip the heels of those cows.

Continue reading

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Grasshoppers, Crickets, BIG Green Worms, What’s Next?

grasshoppersThis summer has been horrible for grasshoppers.  I didn’t even attempt a garden because of them. OK, that’s a lie! I have never gardened before, I just wanted to make it sound like I was just like my sisters….teehee.  I would like to garden but I just don’t have the time or the patience. Continue reading

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Social Media and the Roll It Has Played On The Relationship With Our Distant Relatives

Kelly and David


While I was researching and writing about the plight of Longhorn Mountain I sat in amazement once again at the power of social media.  A friend of a friends’ friend had contacted me through a private message on Facebook. He had read my story and went online to sign my petition. Continue reading

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