They Grow Up So Fast

Larry Curly Moe

Larry Curly Moe

Raising a bottle calf is fun for the first few days then it gets old fast. Mixing bottles early every morning, trecking out to the barn no matter what the weather and feeding the calf. Coming home from work and doing it all over again. The good thing about raising a bottle calf is that when you are ready to let him out in the pasture all you have to do is yell their name and they will come to you. It’s especially great if you are raising calves for young children to show. They are very tame and gentle by the time you are ready to halter break them.

I would never pull a calf off it’s Momma to make it a bottle calf but sometimes you have no choice. Larry Curly Moe was one of those calves. His Momma had twins and she took the heifer and kicked him off the bag. He became my morning and evening routine.

Once the calf was weened off the bottle he learned how to suck his milk from the bucket.  I have got to find that video.  It is so dang cute to watch. Here is a link to it. 

Then David (the mean one) makes me take them off milk completely and he would see me leaving in the morning and just bawl and bawl.  It got to the point where I tried sneaking out of the house every morning just so he wouldn’t see me and start bawling.

Momma Momma!

Momma Momma!

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