Thank Goodness We Don’t Use These Anymore!

Torture Device

I can not imagine why something like this would have ever been used. This device was used to ween a calf from its Momma. The item would be placed in the calves nose when it was time to ween and whenever the calf would approach the teet to nurse it would poke the cows udder, it obviously would hurt and she would kick the calf away.

Now we just bring the calves that we want weened into the lot and keep them away from their Mommas. They can still go nose to nose through the fence (less stress on the calf) but they can’t suck. We keep them in the lot for about 7 to 10 days until they are all bawled out and their Mommas have given up and moved out to pasture. Then the lot is opened and the fun begins as they realize they can run and buck with their tails straight in the air.

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One thought on “Thank Goodness We Don’t Use These Anymore!

  1. I have to tell you, sis. We still use these. the newer ones are molded plastic nose rings with the forks on them. Same purpose, it prevenets the calf from nursing, sort of. You always have those few that figure out that if they put the teet in the side of their mouth, they can still nurse. What is funny is seeing the calves with these bright yellow nose ring hookey things in. They all look like minature “Hannibal Lector”‘s.

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