Optimist or Pessimist – Guess Which One He Is

Rain Gauge

Rain Gauge

We finally received some much needed rain!  I didn’t think it was ever going to get here.  The weather man has been telling us it’s coming for the last week. It finally made it late Wednesday afternoon.

We take our rain measuring around here very seriously (well, SOME of us do).  I have two electronic rain gauges that you can read from the kitchen window where it is nice and dry but those aren’t accurate enough.  We have gone through more rain gauge models then I even care to think about.  David doesn’t like them for one reason or another.  Most of the time he doesn’t think they’re accurate enough.  “We didn’t get that much rain.  This gauge is wrong.”

There is one rain gauge my husband likes and one only.  It’s a small glass tube with the numbers painted on the back side so that he can pick it up out of its’ holder and stare into it for what seems like an hour, so that he can get an accurate reading.  The current one has been picked up and stared at so much the little hash marks painted on the back have worn off and now he has to stare at it even longer to read it.  Sometimes I think he stares at it so long that some of the rain that is caught in it evaporates while he’s trying to decide EXACTLY how much is in it.

Driving to work this morning I realized I forgot to ask the Copenhagen Cowboy how much rain we received over night.  I called him (he doesn’t like text messages) to ask him how much was in the gauge.  Here is the conversation:

Me:  So, how much rain did we get yesterday?

CC:  Oh….not quite an inch.

Me:  So we got an inch of rain?  That’s great!

CC:  No, not quite an inch.

Me: But you had the gauge turned upside down when it started so you missed some.

CC: Well, yeah I guess but…not quite an inch.

As I tell him all the time “not quite an inch is better than none!” — “I guess.”

It does rain once in awhile.

It does rain once in awhile.

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