The Mace Family Cookbook

Mace CookbookIf you are lucky enough to become a Mace wife you will inherit the Mace Family Cookbook.  The pages are yellowed and corners are dog eared on mine but if I ever try to make something that is in the cook book with other than the recipe from the cook book I will always fail.

The pages are sprinkled with words of wisdom from relatives that may have long passed or are aged and don’t cook much anymore.  There are also recipes from various family members.  There are several recipes I make over and over again like on page 122 the Enchiladas that was submitted by David’s mother Lanell.  Every time I make these enchiladas I think of her watching me from Heaven above and giggling and laughing as I get chili all over my hands, the spoons, the stove top and everywhere else.  They are messy to make but they are SO delicious.

I discover something new in the book all the time even though I have been a Mace wife for almost ten years now.  My favorite “recipe” comes from David’s Great Grandmother Alice Mae.


Take 1 Green Valley, half dozen boys, 2 or 3 dogs, a pinch of Pecan Creek and some pebbles.  Mix the boys and dogs well together; put them in the valley stirring constantly.  Pour the creek over the pebbles and the boys feet; sprinkle the valley with wild flowers; let the deep blue sky spread over all, and bake in the sunshine.  When brown, set in a cool bathtub, lightest of dirt first.  Then they will be preserved as good men later.

Looking West

Looking West

I can just see the small boys running around bare foot, splashing in the creek, with laughter coming up across the fields and into the kitchen window. I wish I could have met Alice Mae and Lannel, they sounded like wonderful, strong but tender women.

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2 thoughts on “The Mace Family Cookbook

  1. Paula Smith

    ooooo will you share the book? I so want to start this for my girls.

  2. I am trying to find more copies of it or I’ll just have to have it reprinted.

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