Grasshoppers, Crickets, BIG Green Worms, What’s Next?

grasshoppersThis summer has been horrible for grasshoppers.  I didn’t even attempt a garden because of them. OK, that’s a lie! I have never gardened before, I just wanted to make it sound like I was just like my sisters….teehee.  I would like to garden but I just don’t have the time or the patience. All my sisters have gardens and they Facebook pictures of their bountiful harvests and canning of those vegetables.  It’s all just too much for me!  I don’t have time to clean my house how would I have time to garden? And, I can just go to the farmers market and buy my vegetables and if I want them canned there is always the grocery store or I could just go visit my sisters and bring home as much as I can sneak out of the house.

My Sisters Garden

My Sisters Garden

Back to the grasshoppers. We have sprayed several times including professional spraying by the spray pilots….TWICE!  Nothing has stopped them. Then about a week ago, the crickets showed up! The sidewalks and sides of the house were covered. They even invaded my house! I would be sitting on the sofa, minding my own business and the little boogers would go flying past my head! I HATE flying, jumping bugs! I also hate scorpions. I was stung on my little toe and he wasn’t satisfied by hitting me once, he had to zap me THREE times. A scorpion sting HURTS let me tell you! Burning hot like someone has stuck a red hot needle into your toe. I remembered I had a poultice that I had used on my horse to help get rid of an abscess in her hoof. If it would pull out that infection I wondered what it would do for a scorpion sting. The directions said “apply to painful or swollen muscles, legs, joints or insect bites.” Well, there ya’ go!  I applied a small dab of the green glob to my toe and within minutes the pain was gone. It’s made by Durvet and it’s called Epsom Salt Poultice. It is now in my medicine cupboard in the house!


I can’t wait for fall. I love fall. No grasshoppers, no crickets, no 100 degree days. I’m beginning to love fall more and more as I get older. In the meantime, I need to go spray my flowers and trees again so that the grasshoppers don’t eat them down to the stems AGAIN!


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