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Cattle Are Dogs and Horses Are Cats


David feeding his “dogs”

Not so long ago a rancher would saddle up his horse and ride out to either move cattle from one pasture to another or to bring them up to graze on winter wheat. Where I grew up, in northern South Dakota, they would ride out and bring the cattle up close to the barn for winter. Continue reading

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Using the Cow Dog As ‘Bait’ [PHOTOS]

I could swear this dog is giving me raspberries.

I could swear this dog is giving me raspberries.

The calves are curious at this age. When Rowdy comes out in the pasture with me they just have to get a closer look at him.

It was such a beautiful evening I decided to grab my camera when we went out to feed. While the Momma’s were busy eating it was the perfect time to use Rowdy as bait. Continue reading

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Spring Calving Is My Favorite Season


There are two calving seasons in this part of the country. Fall calving, which begins around September, and spring calving which begins around February. Continue reading

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