Spring Calving Is My Favorite Season


There are two calving seasons in this part of the country. Fall calving, which begins around September, and spring calving which begins around February. Although I love the baby calves all year round, I prefer spring calving. It seems to be less hard on the calves. Of course, the Mommas choose the coldest, wettest day to have problems calving and then you’re out there trying to pull a calf in sub freezing temperatures. But the cold weather doesn’t last nearly as long as the hot weather and they are up and running around with their tales in the air, bucking and playing.

I know when there is an issue. David will walk to the barn and jump on the 4-wheeler to check cattle. If I hear the 4-wheeler coming back too soon, and at a fast pace, I just grab the chains and run to the barn. Assisting a Momma with a calf isn’t as gross as most think. It’s actually pretty amazing. David will wrap the chains around the calves hocks (hopefully the front ones) and we attach a device that has a ratchet on it. ¬†We just ratchet the baby out. He laughs at me because I’m up by the head of the cow cooing and trying to get her to relax. Like that’s going to help. As soon as the baby is out, we let her out of the chute and let her see her baby. We keep them in a lot for a few hours while she cleans up the baby and it takes its’ first drink.

It always amazes me that the baby stands up so quickly and immediately knows to look for that bag of fresh warm milk. How do they know? And, how do they know they need to knock it really hard to get the milk to flow. That makes me giggle every time. The little whiskers on their faces; the incredibly long eyelashes; the deep brown eyes that just look so trusting.


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4 thoughts on “Spring Calving Is My Favorite Season

  1. Nice description. Wonderful shot of new calf.

  2. Is that a new calf Nancy? Looks pretty big for a new baby!

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