What a Mixed Up Mess

Bred CowsI came home from work on New Year’s Eve day to get packed and ready to party like a rock star. I walked into the house and glanced out the dining room window and saw the marker bull in the lot with the heifers.  My first thought was “Why would David put the marker bull in with the heifers?” For those that don’t know what a marker bull is, here is a link to more information. They are also sometimes called a “gomer bull”. We leased a small bull from a neighbor to put in with the heifers so David wouldn’t have to AI them. I thought maybe David had put the marker bull in with them to make sure the bull was doing his job. Not knowing if this was his intent I gave him a call at work…. “Did you put gomer in with the heifers?” I asked. “No! Why would I do that? Is he in there?” was his response. I took a hard look and saw the gate was open and all the cattle were mixed together. Heifers in with the cows waiting to be bred and those same cows eating the hay in the heifer’s lot. Well, sometimes you just have to take the bull by the horns and take care of things on your own. I ran out to the lot and was able to corral the bull away from the cattle. I decided since I have no idea what goes where I would let David take care of the mess when he got home. This was the second night that the cattle had gotten all mixed up and I was the one herding them back to where they needed to go. Bred Cows

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