The Mace Place - Tom Biggs

The Mace Place – Tom Biggs

The Mace Place is where we live and work.  We raise club calves and breeding stock.  We sort cattle, we move cattle and we fix fence.  We pick up lots of sticks because the wind never stops blowing.  I am not a cook but I enjoy cooking once in awhile.  I love to take pictures and capture our day to day lives in them.

We have no children but we do love our four legged babies.


There is a LOT of history behind our home.  David’s Great Grandfather built the home we live in back in 1907.  We are the 4th generation of Mace’s to live in the home.  First his Great Grandparents, then his Grandparents, his parents, his Aunt & Uncle and now us.  It is your typical 2 story farm house.  No closets, no electrical outlets, no insulation but we love it just the same.  The view is the best part of the Mace Place and I have tried to capture it in the photos I take.  I am not a professional photographer by any stretch of the imagination and I don’t have a big fancy camera because it won’t fit in my pocket.  I have a Cannon camera that I can shove into a vest pocket as I’m running out the door to help David “fix” something.



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