Using the Cow Dog As ‘Bait’ [PHOTOS]

I could swear this dog is giving me raspberries.

I could swear this dog is giving me raspberries.

The calves are curious at this age. When Rowdy comes out in the pasture with me they just have to get a closer look at him.

It was such a beautiful evening I decided to grab my camera when we went out to feed. While the Momma’s were busy eating it was the perfect time to use Rowdy as bait. Continue reading

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Spring Calving Is My Favorite Season


There are two calving seasons in this part of the country. Fall calving, which begins around September, and spring calving which begins around February. Continue reading

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Building The Herd Back Up

Got Milk?

Got Milk?

Like most farmers and ranchers the drought has been tough on The Mace Place.  We had to cull our herd in 2011.  I cried every time the Copenhagen Cowboy (aka David) would haul off another load of Mommas.  It just broke my heart to see them going. We have started building the herd back up but if we don’t get some much needed rain we won’t be able to feed them either.  Continue reading

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Tagging Calves Is Always a Gamble

Got milk?

Got milk?

Fall calves are all tagged, we just hope they are all tagged correctly. We put everyone in the lot and watch them for awhile.  Then we separate the calves off and let them go for about an hour.  (This sounds like a recipe.)  Put them all back together again and see who goes to whom. Continue reading

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Thank Goodness We Don’t Use These Anymore!

Torture Device

I can not imagine why something like this would have ever been used. This device was used to ween a calf from its Momma. The item would be placed in the calves nose when it was time to ween and whenever the calf would approach the teet to nurse it would poke the cows udder, it obviously would hurt and she would kick the calf away. Continue reading

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They Grow Up So Fast

Larry Curly Moe

Larry Curly Moe

Raising a bottle calf is fun for the first few days then it gets old fast. Mixing bottles early every morning, trecking out to the barn no matter what the weather and feeding the calf. Coming home from work and doing it all over again. Continue reading

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