Can We Save Longhorn Mountain from the Rock Crusher?

Longhorn Mountain (corrected)

Longhorn Mountain

Longhorn Mountain is located in the beautiful Wichita Mountains in Southwest Oklahoma.  It is about to be destroyed by the rock company Stewart Stone.  A representative from the rock company states they “will begin blasting by the end of this summer.”  We need to STOP them! Continue reading

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The First Cutting of Hay

First Cutting

David backed the swather out of the barn today to cut the first crop of hay. I enjoyed watching him prepare the machine this year. It’s been a long time since we’ve had our own hay to cut. The drought has drug on for far too long. Continue reading

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Spring Cleaning The Barn

newborn birdsLuckily the vet comes twice a year to preg check our cattle, otherwise the barn would probably never get cleaned.  Today was the perfect day for cleaning out the barn. Continue reading

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The Mace Family Cookbook

Mace CookbookIf you are lucky enough to become a Mace wife you will inherit the Mace Family Cookbook.  The pages are yellowed and corners are dog eared on mine but if I ever try to make something that is in the cook book with other than the recipe from the cook book I will always fail. Continue reading

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The Trees are Paying The Price

Dead Tree

Dead Tree

It was a beautiful day on this 20th day of January.  The temperatures climbed to almost 70 degrees.  I love days like today when you can get outside and do some exploring.   Continue reading

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Optimist or Pessimist – Guess Which One He Is

Rain Gauge

Rain Gauge

We finally received some much needed rain!  I didn’t think it was ever going to get here.  The weather man has been telling us it’s coming for the last week. It finally made it late Wednesday afternoon. Continue reading

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The Gomer Bull is Retired for This Season

Gomer's Halter

Gomer’s Halter

I’m often asked how we can have a cow/calf operation without a bull.  Well, David is the “bull” in a way.  We artificially inseminate all of our cows (or at least that’s the plan).  We use a “Marker Bull” or some call it a “Gomer Bull”.  Continue reading

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What The Heck Did The Dog Drag Up?

A Rare Sight Lately

A Rare Sight Lately

OK, it’s sad but yes, things die on a farm.  Do we call the “renderer” (or as David calls it the used cattle dealer) when things happen? Not usually.  They are hauled off way out in the pasture somewhere north of the house.  I have told David to never ever take me to that place.  I don’t want to see it.  I know what happens there.  It’s the circle of life.  Things die. I’m okay with that I just don’t want to “see it”.  Continue reading

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Having A Good Cow Dog On A Cattle Ranch Is Essential



Yes, having a good cow dog is essential when running a successful cattle operation.  They can help push the cattle down the chute;  help to bring them in from the pasture; herd them to where you want them.  Rowdy is a blue heeler/red heeler mix.  Heelers are great cattle dogs! Rowdy is not that dog.  He wants to be but, alas, he is not.  Bless his heart.  Continue reading

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Building The Herd Back Up

Got Milk?

Got Milk?

Like most farmers and ranchers the drought has been tough on The Mace Place.  We had to cull our herd in 2011.  I cried every time the Copenhagen Cowboy (aka David) would haul off another load of Mommas.  It just broke my heart to see them going. We have started building the herd back up but if we don’t get some much needed rain we won’t be able to feed them either.  Continue reading

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